High definition lithium ion charger free with the purchase of high definition aids.

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Established 2004, Our Mission Statement is to provide the highest quality hearing aid devices along with a comprehensive hearing care package that ensures each individual receives the best hearing healthcare available.

Reconnecting people to life through high definition hearing aid technology

Over 48 million Americans suffer with some degree of hearing loss. This creates so much hardship and difficulties for not only the hearing impaired person but for the spouse, family, and loved ones. We love what we do because we are able to reconnect people to a meaningful, joyful, and vibrant life. We have technology to suit any and every type of hearing loss and economic situation. Hearing loss creates a high level of shame. We can alleviate the shame associated with hearing loss.

Don’t suffer with hearing loss one minute longer. Call us at Clear Choice Hearing Centers to help solve your hearing problems.

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Basic digital custom aids starting at $749

Free comprehensive tuning, follow up, checkups, and maintenance for the life of the hearing aids.

HI-Def Hearing Aids

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