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We use state of the art testing instruments. Proper testing and diagnosis of hearing loss leads to hearing success. Our computerized testing equipment ensures that your digital hearing aids will improve speech understanding and clarity. You will get better results with the Clear Choice hearing system than anywhere else. 

There are many different styles and types of hearing aids. Each one is designed to fit a certain type of hearing loss. It is vital that you get the hearing aid that matches your loss. Let us help you understand which one is right for you. Your success depends on choosing the appropriate hearing aid. Your success depends on our Expertise.

Starting At $599.

  1. 2 Week Free Trial
  2. 60 Day Full Refund
  3. 3 Year Warranty*
  4. 1 Year Supply Of Batteries 
  5. Lifetime Service & Cleaning
  6. ​100% Comfort Guarrantee

Bountiful 801 203-4055

Murray 801 290-1084

Draper 801 810-2883

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